100 Push Up, 200 Sit-Up and 200 Squat Challenge!!

I already knew about the 100 Push Up website and I’m sure some of you have as well but today I was googling (literally addicted to searching things) and I found out that theres a 200 Squats website and a 200 Sit-Up website! So I thought well why not see if anyone would like to join me in these challenges! They each are a 6-week program where you do a number of each (either push ups, sit-ups or squats) 3 times a week. Each week the number that you do increases and by the end of each program you should be able to do 100 or 200 in a row (depending on which one your doing).

So what does everyone think? Want to join me in the challenge? I’m thinking about starting on July 1st to get a fresh start!

There is also a site to log the amount that you are doing as you go. Logger So I’m going to sign up for that too!

Let me know if you want to do one or more of the challenges and I’m going to maybe make a list so we know whose doing it!! If you can’t comment on here that’s fine just do it on our Facebook!!


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